【REAL ESTATE WORKS】Survey Results Regarding “Work-Life Balance”

Real Estate Works, a “real estate industry-focused recruitment agency” where two out of three successful job seekers receive job offers from listed companies or their subsidiaries, conducted an independent survey ※1 focusing on “annual holidays” to find out the reality of jobs at companies with which we have business partnerships regarding the “work-life balance” that has recently become more important.


※1According to our research (survey date: September 22, 2023 / surveyed: 6,761 jobs from 1,036 companies affiliated with us *including open, closed, and closed positions)


Summary of this article:


About 60% of the targeted jobs offer “annual holidays” of 120 days or more.
Almost no jobs offer one day off per week or just under the Labor Standards Act
The real estate industry is currently tending to increase the number of annual holidays.
(Survey results: 6,761 jobs from 1,036 companies *including open, closed and closed positions)


【① Annual Days Off】


More than 120 days: 59% (4,014 cases)
More than 90 days but less than 120 days: 41% (2,742 cases)
Less than 90 days: 0% (5 cases)

*Paid vacations are not included in annual holidays.
*The Labor Standards Law requires a minimum of 105 days off per year (for a 40-hour workday per month).


【② Annual Days Off】


120 days: 58% (2,326 cases)
121-125 days: 29% (1,145 cases)
126 days – 129 days: 11% (450 pieces)
More than 130 days: 2% (91 cases)


■ Summary:

This time, we conducted a survey of 6,761 job listings held by our company, with a particular focus on the number of annual holidays.


Until recently, the real estate industry was often associated with the image of having “one day off per week (less than 90 days),” but this survey revealed that approximately 60% of all jobs listed “120 or more days off per year.


120 days off per year in Japan is equivalent to two days off per week and holidays off according to the calendar, so it may have finally become “common” in the industry as well.

The standard for 120 days off per year: 2 days off per week (104 days) and national holidays (16 days) *with pay

Among jobs with 120 or more days off per year, “120 days” was the most common (approximately 60%), and among the remaining 40%, there were jobs with a maximum of 135 days.


Job postings often list the number of days off as a “full” two-day weekend, the availability of compensatory time off, and the percentage of paid vacations taken.


The results of this survey indicate that all companies in the real estate industry are reforming their work styles due to the revision of the Labor Standards Law and the recent seller’s market, which has affected the entire real estate industry.


It is not too much to say that the image of the real estate industry = few holidays is “old fashioned.”


*We cannot guarantee the actual working environment as this is a survey based on job information only.