“Real Estate WORKS”, Reaches 30,000 Registered Users.

Since the launch of our recruitment service specializing in the real estate industry, we are pleased to announce that the number of registrations exceeded 30,000 in June 2023.

BEYOND BORDERS will continue to pursue its mission of “Working towards a prosperous future, in real estate and across the world” and will continue to provide services to as many people as possible in the real estate industry.  We will continue to do our best to support people working in the real estate industry and real estate companies so that we can increase the number of “people who work with energy and vitality” in the real estate industry.


│ High Customer Satisfaction Level 

We at Real Estate WORKS value swift and satisfactory services when supporting job seekers.
As a result, we have received high marks both Google Reviews and surveys from our customers.
Job seekers who have used our company have given us reviews such as “the communication was very speedy”, “the person in charge was very attentive and consultative”, and “resume fill-out service was very convenient.”

▼Excerpts from actual Google Reviews

・ Compared to other agents, I used this one because of their reply speed, honesty, and familiarity with the real estate industry.  I am very satisfied.  (April 2023)

・ I was able to find a new job that exceeded my expectations.  I was most anxious before interviews, but the before interview practices and advice the agents gave me was very helpful.  If you are thinking of changing jobs within the real-estate industry, I recommend asking for their help.

・ The Resume and CV fill-out services unique to Real Estate WORKS, and I recommend their services, especially if you are short on time.

If you are thinking of changing jobs in the real estate industry, please contact us for more details.


│ Why you should choose us

・ Tailoring to each individual’s needs
Our agents, who are well versed in the real estate industry, will examine and pick up jobs on an order-made basis.  Based on careful interviews during the interview process, we will propose information that matches the job seeker’s needs.

 ・ Full Support System
If you are a busy individual working in the real estate industry, you may think “I can’t change jobs because I can’t find the time!”  If so, please contact us.  We will support you with everything including writing resumes and CVs on your behalf, coordinating interview schedules, and negotiating your salary.

・ Proposing Undisclosed Job Postings
We have a large number of private job openings that are not open to the public on the internet.  In particular, high-level positions at the executive and manager level are rarely seen by the general public.  If you can not find the job you are looking for on the Internet, please contact us first!


If you are looking to change jobs in the real estate industry,
please leave it to us at 『Real Estate WORKS』!

About Real Estate WORKS

If you are looking for jobs within the real estate industry, please contact us from the link below

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