Cambodia: CIESF Education Support Project

Established in 2008, CIESF is an international NGO that provides educational support in Cambodia and other developing countries. BEYOND BORDERS donates a portion of its sales to CIESF every month as a corporate sponsor.  

CIESF’s Activities 

Basic Education (Integrated Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School) CIESF operate “CIESF Leaders Academy”, an integrated kindergarten, elementary, and middle school in Cambodia to nurture future leaders.  
Teacher Training (Dispatch of Teachers Delegation) Japanese educational advisors will be dispatched to teacher training schools in Cambodia to improve the quality of teachers.
Industrial Human Resource Development (Japanese Language Education) CIESF nurtures human resources who can play an active role in Japanese companies expanding into developing countries.  
Fostering Entrepreneurs To create future jobs in developing countries and boost domestic industry, we hold a “Business Model Contest” every year.  
Improving Educational Administration CIESF operates a graduate school for educational administrators to learn about the structure of education and how to manage it, with the aim of finding fundamental solutions to educational issues.

Pick Up – Basic Education (Integrated Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School)

CIESF Leaders Academy Introduction Video

Message from Ms.Hoy, a CISEF Business Training Center Graduate

“The availability of Japanese education, which is said to be of good quality in Cambodia, will also raise the educational level of Cambodia as a whole. I am sure that this will lead to an increase in the number of young people working for Japanese companies, and if companies become more affluent and invest more, this will ultimately lead to economic growth in Cambodia.” – Hoy Huyneang – CISEF Business Training Center Graduate / BEYOND BORDERS Employee
    Source: CIESF