Working towards a prosperous future, in real estate and across the world.


The possibilities, the future, and the dreams that real estate shows us. These thoughts are propagated in places we cannot see and are connected to people all over the world. We want to create a future in which that chain of thoughts is forever connected all over the world. We want to make this exciting future come true in the realm of real estate. What can we do to spread this “happiness”? We not only take benefits from the countries in Southeast Asia where we operate and develop our business, but we also give back to the local communities and protect the livelihood of the people. This is the form of social contribution envisioned by BEYOND BORDERS. We are currently conducting social support activities in Cambodia and Malaysia, where we have offices.


Cambodia:CIESF Education Support Project

CIESF is a non-profit, international, private, educational support organization. Its main objective is to improve the quality of basic education, and then to support the development of the country by providing high-level human resource development.


Malaysia:PARCIC Environmental Conservation Support Project

PARCIC is a non-profit organization that supports the economic independence and livelihood of producers by securing markets for their products beyond national borders and helping them to establish independent and sustainable livelihoods and economies. Source: CIESF, PARCIC