All Previous Properties are Sold Out! Sekai Property will start selling the Latest Property in its Very Popular Series!

Beyond Borders Inc. (Head office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tadayoshi Endo), which operates an overseas real estate media business and an overseas real estate sales agent business under the theme of “Real Estate x Overseas x IT,” has begun sales of “Time Square 6 BKK1 St. 302,” the fifth in a very popular series. 


Time Square 6 BKK1 St. 302″ is located in a prime location in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and the previous projects in the Time Square series, “Time Square 1,” “Time Square 2,” “Time Square 3,” and “Time Square 5” have all been sold prior to completion with zero construction delays (as of November 8, 2023).


■Reasons why Cambodian real estate is attracting attention

Overseas real estate has attractions which cannot be found in Japan, such as high population growth and economic growth rates, but Cambodian real estate is attracting particular attention for the following two reasons.

The only dollar economy in Southeast Asia

Cambodia has its own currency, the riel, but more than 90% of the currency in circulation is the US dollar. Therefore, when investing in real estate in Cambodia, income gains and capital gains can be earned in US dollars.

Non-residents can open a local bank account

In Cambodia, even non-residents can open a local bank account, and most of them have higher interest rates than those of Japanese banks. This allows you to invest the profits from your real estate investment in Cambodia at a high interest rate in a Cambodian bank and manage your assets efficiently.


■Three features and attractions of Time Square 6 BKK1 St. 302


1) Prime location in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia

The property is located in the Bon Keng Kong area (BKK1), the heart of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. The Bon Keng Kong area (BKK1) is a popular residential area with the following characteristics

  • A financial center (CBD) with offices of international banks and companies.
  • The embassies of many countries around the world are located in this area, making it one of the safest areas in Cambodia.
  •  Highly convenient living environment with many shopping malls and Japanese restaurants.

Because of such a popular area, the property’s asset value and rental demand can be expected.


2) Very popular “Time Square” series

Past projects “Time Square 1,” “Time Square 2,” and “Time Square 3” have all experienced zero construction delays & sold out before completion, with “Time Square 3” selling out all units in only 3 months. In addition, all units of “Time Square 5” currently under construction have already sold out, and no construction delays have occurred to date (as of November 8, 2023).

Time Square 6 BKK1 St. 302: Interior view

Time Square 6 BKK1 St. 302: Bedroom

Time Square 6 BKK1 St.302: Rooftop Facility Area

3) Low initial cost

One of the attractions of this property is that it can be purchased at a lower price compared to other properties in the area. The market price per square meter in the Bon Keng Kong area (BKK1), where this property is located, is approximately $3,500-$4,000, while the price per square meter of this property is approximately half of that, at approximately $2,000.

The price, including expenses, is from 10 million yen and can be paid in long-term installments.


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