Web Portal for Overseas Real Estate “SEKAI PROPERTY” Has Been Renewed! Abundant and Helpful Contents for Various Contexts, from Collecting Information to Purchasing

BEYOND BORDERS Co., Ltd. (Head office located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Tadayoshi Endo serving as the CEO), which creates innovative businesses in the real estate sector based on the theme of [Global × IT], announces the renewal of its web portal for overseas real estate, “SEKAI PROPERTY(https://ja.sekaiproperty.com)” in March.











■New Features of “SEKAI PROPERTY”
Since this renewal, the home page displays the service features of “SEKAI PROPERTY,” and the benefits of overseas real estate investment in a comprehensible manner.

Also, the web portal includes information documents, columns, and interview articles of past clients, which are helpful for initial search for information. 











<Point 1>Showcasing the Benefits of Overseas Real Estate Investment and the Use of “Sekai Property” 

◎On the home page, we post many articles about “reasons why you should buy overseas real estate” and “the experiences of our clients.”  The structure of the website has become more friendly for beginners, helping them start considering how they may be able to invest in overseas properties.








◎ On our web page “Introduction to SEKAI PROPERTY’s Services,” we have posted statistics and graphs to explain why we get chosen, and what strengths we have.













<Point 2>Posting Wide-Ranging Contents Such as Various Documents, Columns, Property Searches, Which All Come in Use for Overseas Investment!

◎For our “Overseas Realestate Investment Guidebooks,” visitors of the website can download any documents for free, which describe detailed information of each country that they may consider to invest.











◎For our “Overseas Real Estate Column,” we have picked up three crucial articles and have posted on the homepage. These will help viewers to know which know-how should be learned first.










◎Viewers can also easily search abundant properties in their country of interest, such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, or the Philippines. We post detailed information about the property, prices, and include other information videos of the property too.